Can You Put Coffee Grounds Down The Sink?

Have you ever learned that placing the coffee grounds down the sink will make the drain clear or fresh? Don’t suffer due to misconceptions! You’re not allowed to use a washing machine like a trash can. Take advice from the experts of plumbing services of Sydney: fight the temptation to place coffee beans down the drain especially if you’ve got some serious gunk on your fingers.

Let us just look more closely at why this would be an issue and what you can do if you’ve already decided to commit evil and you’re confronting a blockage in your kitchen sink drainage.

Coffee Grounds Down The Sink
Coffee Grounds Down The Sink

What Occurs When The Coffee Grounds are Going Down The Drain?

There are a few issues that can occur whenever the coffee drains are placed down or used to “clean” the disposal. Ideally, nothing would ever happen that sometimes happens to clean, fresh or ABS drain lines. Like, with just enough rainfall, the fields will be forced down thru the drain and will never cause havoc. Or, the coffee grounds will lodge in the water pipe, bind to the fat accumulation, and ultimately cause clogging.

Do Not Bring Coffee Grounds Down The Drain

If food is permitted to go into the trash compactor, why isn’t it the same for coffee grounds? Unlike other items, the coffee grounds are clustered together in water instead of broken down. With time, the base can accumulate inside your sink drainage, generating gunk that can prevent the drainage system from doing their job. As a result, it will block the ducts of the kitchen sink and you have to call for plumbing services. Coffee grounds should still be in the garbage can. They even act as a good fertilizer for your plant if you’ve got a small garden.

Few More Items Which Should Be Disposed in The Garbage Rather Than Sinks:

  • Lubricate, oils and fats
  • Starchy types of food such as pasta, rice, potatoes or peels
  • Spongy products such as egg shells, banana peels, fish skins and celery
  • Everything that isn’t food, like beer cans, metal, wood, glass and sponges.

Like with the coffee grounds, such components can clog your drains or jam the garbage disposal. When there is confusion on where to put the food scraps choose the garbage can rather than kitchen sinks.

What to Do If Kitchen Sink Was Clogged?

If the work was already finished, and you will need to fix the garbage disposal, to help with drainage logs, and other kitchen plumbing maintenance, it’s vital to have support from qualified plumbing services. Signs that will show you that you really need help with congested or defective garbage disposal include:-

  1. Water that backs up the sink drain
  2. Draining away water in the sink
  3. The gasping noise from the sink
  4. Roma of uneaten garbage emerging from the kitchen drain
  5. Small food particles are noticeable in the sink just after the dishwasher is working.

If you realise any one of these issues with your kitchen sink, it’s good to bring on the trained, skilled professionals at your kitchen Plumbing services to assess your kitchen plumbing and trash disposal. We Emergency Plumber Zetland have the technical resources and experienced staff to locate the cause of your question and will provide the effective fixes, you have to make your kitchen sink and disposal system perform adequately again.